Code of Conduct

GDG Vizag / Community Group is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive event experience for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category.
We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. GDG Vizag / Community Group takes violations of our policy seriously and will respond appropriately.

All participants of GDG Vizag / Community Group events must abide by the following policy:

Why this policy is important

Harassment at events and in online communities is unfortunately common. Creating an official policy aims to improve this by making it clear that harassment of anyone for any reason is not acceptable within our events and communities. This policy may prevent harassment by clearly defining expectations for behavior, aims to provide reassurance, and encourages people who have had bad experiences at other events to participate in this one.

License and attribution

This policy is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license.
This policy is based on and influenced by several other community policies including: Ohio LinuxFest Anti-Harassment policy, Con Anti-Harassment Project, Geek Feminism Wiki (created by the Ada Initiative),, JSconf, Rust, Diversity in Python, and Write/Speak/Code.