Vizag Google Developers Group is finally here!
GDG Vizag is a lively group free & open to newbies, developers, students, professionals and for everyone who is interested in Google technologies and development tools.
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Whats it all about?
Tech Talks
Technical talks from industry experts on how they did it and how it is done. Interact with experts who have gotten their hands dirty (err cody?)
Code Labs
Learn a new technology, this time in presence of experts. For when you hit the road block, you have help. Be amazed at how simple all those new technologies actually are.
Study Jams
Group study of new technologies. And this time with all the fun. Learn, unlearn and relearn. You also have help to steer you clear of all the bugs.
Solve a common problem in a given time. Bit by bit, we all build it together. And the result will work like magic. Come! lets hack it out.
Watch Out! Womens Day Special 2019
An amazing combination of tech talks, workshops, panel discussions, entrepreneurial success stories and so much more - all fun, frolick and lots of learning. Know More....
APIS Building, Sunrise Startup Village, Rishikonda, Visakhapatnam
March 23, 2019
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GDG Vizag
GDG VIZAG chapter is an enthusiastic group of people interested to share ideas and network with fellow developers. Its a place to learn about Google technologies and development tools, as well as what local companies and developers are doing with these technologies. It is focused on developers and educational technical content - Demos, Tech Talks, Hackathons, StudyJams and a lot more.
WTM Vizag
Google's Women Tech Makers is a global program that celebrates women, encouraging them to pursue and excel in technology careers. Women at all levels are invited to participate - from CEOs and founders to designers and developers to beginners. The team believes that no matter your background, career, organization or identity, you are welcome in the industry, and wants to help you find what you need to be successful.
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